Thursday, August 27, 2015

My Week So Far

It's 3 a.m I am absolutely tired but because Gracie has been going to be super late lately, this is the only time I get to myself so I am dreading going to bed. I want to enjoy this time a lone I have at this very moment, the silence, the clock ticking, the ice cream, the blogging.

Oh how much I love my Grae but there are days I am seriously so beyond exhausted. We are starting a at home preschool curriculum this week coming up and I am seriously so excited!!! I def know I want to do preschool with Gracie at home, so I am totally 100% excited to start this new adventure.

Today was a great day! Today she wanted me to take pictures of her wearing a flower crown and so I did :) Today she played and played and yes I am enjoying my time alone, but boy do I love going to bed at night to cuddle with her! Yes, we still co sleep with the babe, but you know what? I freaking love it! XO- Monica

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