Thursday, August 27, 2015

My Week So Far

It's 3 a.m I am absolutely tired but because Gracie has been going to be super late lately, this is the only time I get to myself so I am dreading going to bed. I want to enjoy this time a lone I have at this very moment, the silence, the clock ticking, the ice cream, the blogging.

Oh how much I love my Grae but there are days I am seriously so beyond exhausted. We are starting a at home preschool curriculum this week coming up and I am seriously so excited!!! I def know I want to do preschool with Gracie at home, so I am totally 100% excited to start this new adventure.

Today was a great day! Today she wanted me to take pictures of her wearing a flower crown and so I did :) Today she played and played and yes I am enjoying my time alone, but boy do I love going to bed at night to cuddle with her! Yes, we still co sleep with the babe, but you know what? I freaking love it! XO- Monica

Monday, August 17, 2015

Fun And Love Gets Me Through It ALL

K friends let me tell you a little story!! Took Gracie to the store the other day, wanted to get her a pillow night light. Well she wanted a huge inflatable rubber ball instead, so I decided to let her decide. We have been playing with it the past couple of days, she throws it in my face and laughs and laughs and laughs. I tell you it's the small things!!

Also I own a small business named Chickie Cheeks! and well behind the scenes can be hard with a babe and l! I have been trying to organize better and schedule my posts and all. Totally working with what I have and just having fun with it! There are times I get so stressed and frustrated with "if only I had this" mentality. But I realized I just have to work with what I got! Have some fun and know that things don't always go as planned- I have learned that with Gracie! She has prepared me for this business of mine! The way I get through it now is to just let it go, have some fun, learn about new things and work. God will let everything else fall into place. But I just have to keep doing the work with a purpose. I keep thinking why I started. I do it for my family here, for my family in El Salvador that has helped me so much for my business and I get to provide work for them! I do it for the love. Love gets me through all the humps!

Have an awesome day friends! XO- Monica

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Dancing To Her Own RHYTHM

Today was a day Grae got to dance for the grandparents and great grandma. Today was a day I had a nice cup of coffee for breakfast and just let her be.

To be honest, most of our days I just let her be,but some days more than others. It can be hard for me sometimes. She's never been a nap kinda girl, always been strong-willed. She's just who she is and I love her every day for it! After all shes only two.

Today as I watched her dance, turn to the side, roll on the ground, I realized shes growing faster than I can hold the memories close to my heart. The smile in her face, filled with a heart of adventure and determination as she was showing her cool dance moves! I just wish I can store them in a box and remember them always. Memories are so priceless. Truly the best things in life are free.

Sometimes I forget that instead of just me teaching her about life she teaches me. I love being in her world every day. Always something new to discover.

Friday, August 7, 2015

The Days I Struggle

There are days I struggle with the whole "eat what makes you happy", "eat a balance meal", "count all of your calories", "no carbs". The list goes on and on and on my brain that feels so small and filled with so many thoughts. But I have come to a point where no matter what, I will always love my body. It's my journey and until I figure shit out I will keep loving it and enjoying every minute of it!

My body was strong enough for a baby. My body was strong enough to conceive and carry a baby for 9 months. My body is strong enough to hold my fragile back when it goes out on me and has been through hell and back with accidents. My body is strong enough for those who criticize me and say "oh you just need to loose this amount of weight to look good".

I just simply don't care what others definition of "what I should be and what I should look like" is.

What I care about is my soul. What I care about is how I make people feel. What I care about is making memories. And I am still figuring things out. But my body is love. My body is strong. My body is stretched. My body is scars. My body is painted with beautiful art. My body is stretch marks. My body is patience. My body is authentic. My body is unique. My body is a mother. My body is me.