Monday, August 17, 2015

Fun And Love Gets Me Through It ALL

K friends let me tell you a little story!! Took Gracie to the store the other day, wanted to get her a pillow night light. Well she wanted a huge inflatable rubber ball instead, so I decided to let her decide. We have been playing with it the past couple of days, she throws it in my face and laughs and laughs and laughs. I tell you it's the small things!!

Also I own a small business named Chickie Cheeks! and well behind the scenes can be hard with a babe and l! I have been trying to organize better and schedule my posts and all. Totally working with what I have and just having fun with it! There are times I get so stressed and frustrated with "if only I had this" mentality. But I realized I just have to work with what I got! Have some fun and know that things don't always go as planned- I have learned that with Gracie! She has prepared me for this business of mine! The way I get through it now is to just let it go, have some fun, learn about new things and work. God will let everything else fall into place. But I just have to keep doing the work with a purpose. I keep thinking why I started. I do it for my family here, for my family in El Salvador that has helped me so much for my business and I get to provide work for them! I do it for the love. Love gets me through all the humps!

Have an awesome day friends! XO- Monica

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