Thursday, August 13, 2015

Dancing To Her Own RHYTHM

Today was a day Grae got to dance for the grandparents and great grandma. Today was a day I had a nice cup of coffee for breakfast and just let her be.

To be honest, most of our days I just let her be,but some days more than others. It can be hard for me sometimes. She's never been a nap kinda girl, always been strong-willed. She's just who she is and I love her every day for it! After all shes only two.

Today as I watched her dance, turn to the side, roll on the ground, I realized shes growing faster than I can hold the memories close to my heart. The smile in her face, filled with a heart of adventure and determination as she was showing her cool dance moves! I just wish I can store them in a box and remember them always. Memories are so priceless. Truly the best things in life are free.

Sometimes I forget that instead of just me teaching her about life she teaches me. I love being in her world every day. Always something new to discover.

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