Monday, December 28, 2015


Hey hey hey!!!

I hope your holidays have been amazing so far and you were able to enjoy with family and friends :)
I was able to spend some time with my amazing husband, Grae and his brother and brothers husband :) overall it was an amazing day filled with love and laughter!!

My brother and law and I were able to cook a traditional dish from El Salvador called "panes de gallina" and it was beyond delicious!

NOW BACK TO BUSINESS! haha here are the other two steps for creating a capsule wardrobe! Remember I have been getting all my information from the link I will post below :)

STEP 2: Put all clothing on the floor! Sounds silly but it really made a huge difference when I did it!!
A: Put everything into categories: I divided mine like this:
      a. Pants, Jeans
      b. Tops
      c. Skirts
      d. Dresses
      e. Cardigans
      f. Shoes

Once you do that, try everything on! See HOW you feel in them. I have been trying to focus more on how I feel with something opposed to "what looks good". Sometimes items that are suppose to be for "my body type" are super uncomfortable and I AM NOT playing that game again! haha but you can do whatever you want :)

If you are unsure about something, she suggests taking a picture of the item or put on a "deal with later" pile. I didn't need to take a picture of the items I wasn't sure about because I knew what I wanted to keep once I tried them on. But for out of season items and sentimental reasons I put in another pile.

STEP 3: Now do the "deal with later pile"
A: The deal with later pile were the items you weren't sure about before! Divide into categories
      a. Give away
      b. Keep for sentimental reasons
      c. Store for later
      d. sell

All done!!! Next week will be step 4 and the guidelines for building your own wardrobe and a sneak peek of what I have been doing!! It has been such amazing experience for me and I hope for you too!!

Jeans and top from Target. Shoes from Old navy. And sweater thrift store.

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